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Erschmatt Valais celebrates Swiss diversity: ancient and modern

Ancient: music — not just roggen'roll

Erschmatt carnival band
Erschmatt is proud of its artistic traditions: from drum and fife bands to modern music, beating the bounds and welcoming all kinds of instruments. Note: Roggen'Roll is how Erschmatt advertises its Rye Adventure.
Drum festival
Valais drum and fife bands come to Erschmatt.

Somewhat moderner

One kind of drummingAnd another

Two kinds of modern percussion.See them on YouTube

If you watch this, you won't want to miss Erschmatt's Dance Rookies.

Erschmatt's Dance Rookies
Erschmatt's Dance Rookies, too


Just down the road, in the castle of Leuk, each year the Forum Wallis presents the modernest modern music available, this year from 10-12 August.

Pendulum Choir

Songs for swinging music lovers: Pendulum Choir

Loten Namling

Loten Namling, a peace activist who formed the first "alternative Swiss-Tibetan pop-rock band", Porok Karpo (white crow), which performed at Forum Wallis. He's pictured in front of the Leuk church's collection of parishioners' skulls. Namling saw the mountains and plateaux of the upper Valais sand exclaimed: "This is just like Tibet!"

10 years of posters
10 years of Forum Wallis Posters.
Poster for 2021

Programme for 10-12 August 2021